Thursday, December 10, 2009

Project Idea

From time to time I get the need to work on a project. The biggest problem that I have is the idea of what to work on. Well this past week I got an idea of something to work on thanks to my friend Luke. He is a budding filmmaker and is in need of some high tech camera rigging. We decided to collabrate on a Pan/Tilt mount for a camera crane, which the crane is to come later on. I know this is not a new idea, but I want to add a few spins on it

We started talking about it and I suggested to use a Wii nunchuck to control the pan/tilt. This would give a more intimate feel in the camera operation, and give me a good excuse to learn to hack on one. I plan on using a Arduino for the control since I have been looking for an excuse to use one.
A point about me, one of my hobbies is collecting dev kits, I have a ARM,PIC,Renesas,Freescale,TI MSP430, and a basic stamp. I am looking at getting a ST STM8 Discovery kit when Digikey gets them in stock again.

I will keep everyone posted on the project progress along with other ramblings.


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  1. Yeah, get to work on that! I want that camera rig! :)