Thursday, December 17, 2009

Easy PIC'n with the EasyPIC5 from Mikroelektronika

Last night I broke out and old friend and started messing around with it. I got this development board last February. I have done a little with it, but nothing of any significant importance. The nice thing about this dev board is the included inputs and outputs. There are a number of LEDs and switches along with LCD ports, serial, USB, and PS/2 communications. I would suggest this to anyone that is learning to work with the Microchip PIC.

You can use this board with HEX files generated in MPLAB and the company also offers several compiler options for a reasonable price. All the compilers that I have checked out have free versions available. MikroC has a 2k word limit on programs. This will give the user enough room to test out the compiler.

I know it sounds like im pushing the product and maybe I am, but it is a good board. Hop on their site and read about it.


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